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2020 Summer Schedule

6-Week Session: July 20th - August 28st * Ages 2-13

fees are for the full 6 weeks:
30 min class - $75 * 45 min Class - $ 85 * 75min class - $120 
(10% off each additional class)

*One Class instructed at a time, with 15 minutes in between each class to sanitize classroom & restrooms. Water fountain will be closed. Please bring disposable water bottle with name. Masks are to be worn upon entry and may be taken off during instruction in the classroom only. Please bring a zip-lock bag with name to place mask in during instruction. Temperatures will be taken and covid health form must be completed by parent/guardian at check in. Check in at the front door, students & staff only permitted in the facility at this time. 

 DAY                    TIME                AGE                           CLASS               
Tuesday           4:00 - 4:30     Ages 2- 3 1/2         Creative Movement                             
Tuesday           4:45-5:30       Ages 3 1/2 - 5        Tap Jazz Ballet Combo
Tuesday           5:45-7:00       Ages 6-8                Tap Jazz Ballet Combo 
Tuesday           7:15-8:00       Ages 6-8                          Hip-Hop

Wednesday     9:00-11:00        Junior Competition Team B - INVITE or ONLY
Wednesday    11:00-1:00         Junior Competition Team A - INVITE ONLY
Wednesday     1:00-4:00          Senior Competition Team - INVITE ONLY
Wednesday     4:00-6:00          Mini Competition Team (Previously petite team) - INVITE ONLY
Wednesday     6:00-8:00          Performance Team - INVITE ONLY

Thursday          4:00-4:45      Ages 3 1/2 - 5          Tap Jazz Ballet Combo
Thursday          5:00-5:30      Ages 2 - 3 1/2            Creative Movement
Thursday          5:00-6:15      Ages 9-13                Tap Jazz Ballet Combo
Thursday          6:15-7:00      Ages 9-13                         Hip-Hop

           *Rhythmic Gymnastics, Cheer & Acro Combos will be added in August

*All Invitational Team Dancers are required to take their 6 week mandatory team session. 
Please see Miss Erica for your team schedule, fees & registration. 

*There is a $15 non-refundable summer registration/insurance fee per NEW student                 due at the time of registration.

   2019-2020 enrolled students do NOT have a registration fee for summer 2020 as we have extended your season registration to end August 31. 


Welcome (Back) Dance Families. As we strive to always provide the best education, fun-filled experiences to all our families, we have added the necessary guidelines & policies to ensure a happy, healthy environment for everyone.

 Please discuss and review these new policies with your dancer and consider if your dancer is able to adhere to our physical distancing and safety policies prior to registration.

*Only Dancers & Staff are permitted in the facility. Check in/out will be set up at the front door.

*Each week at check in your dancer will have their temperature taken and a parent/guardian must complete & sign students wellness form. (any temp over 100.4 no entry permitted & 24-hour wellness standards upon entering the facility. This applies to students & staff)

*Prompt check in & Pick up are required. No late check ins will be allowed.

*Dancers & Staff are to wear masks at all times, other than during instruction while in the dance room.

*Upon entry, with mask on, each dancer will be assigned a “special dance number”. They will go to their dance chair in the lobby, with their labeled dance bag and wait for instructor to escort them onto the dance floor.

*Dancers will place their belongings in their designated spot, take off their masks & place into their own ZIP-LOCK bag that must have their name on it, and put in their bag. If a dancer/parent prefer student to wear mask that is acceptable.

*Dancers will stay and take instruction in their assigned dance square which will have their special dance number as well.

*Only ONE class will be instructed at a time and all scheduled classes are with Miss Erica, for at least the first two weeks of reopening. Class sizes will be smaller that normal max capacity.

*Water fountain will be closed, so please bring a labeled water bottle.

*Our single restroom will remain open for one person at a time. Restroom/Locker-room will be closed so dancers please arrive in proper dance attire ready to dance.

*Cleaning stations will be set up throughout our facility. Dance rooms, rest rooms & lobby will be sanitized in between classes and deep clean each evening. Proper sanitizing of hands for all will be done before and after class.

*Staff will have very little to no physical contact with a student. No partnering with others is permitted at this time.

*Any student who develops unhealthy symptoms or unable to adhere to the physical distancing policies must be picked up promptly.

*Dance Shoes: Please wear what you currently have. Bare feet or socks are acceptable for jazz/ballet. Sneakers for hip-hop. If first time tappers you can go online a purchase black buckle strap tap shoe. No bow tie tap shoes. We will not begin sizing for dance shoes until August for our fall season.

*Please be patient with our staff, other families and your dancer. For this is very new for all of us and policies or guidelines could change weekly even daily. Thank You for coming back & supporting our small business. Your dedication & participation is what will keep us in business.